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Ted Andrews’ Keyword: Assertive Action and Hunting
Ospreys are unique birds in their capacity to hunt, and more importantly hold on to their prey. The feature of being able to actually dive into water (they have a covering that prevents water from going into their air passages) is symbolic of their ability to be of the Air Element but able to dive into the emotional waters. A key power for those who want to follow through and live on the front lines of “feeling what we’re feeling” in a world where it is becoming increasingly easy to live in our minds. The other power Osprey’s bring is the ability to “hold on” to what we go after and hunt for. This tenacity is very important to balance spiritual cultures that continue to emphasize “detachment” and “letting go”, which can lead to letting go of what we really desire. The assertive nature of this totem comes from the reckless and dangerous feats an Osprey will go to in mating rituals and finding for their partner.