Core Shamanism


Shamanic practice is a path of spiritual Freedom! I was drawn to this path because of how it let me create my own relationship with Spirit, and learn through experiential practice. I have been a Shamanic practitioner for over 3 years; I studied with the Four Winds Society with the lineage of the Q’ero, and with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the lineage of Michael Harner whose life was dedicated to integrating Shamanic practices of the entire world. I have done Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Shipibo lineage in the Amazon of Peru, and San Pedro in the Sacred Valley. Plant medicines were powerful ways of recieving transmissions and healing.

It finally feels time to become comfortable inhabiting this role and what it means in this day and age. I’d also like to start sharing some of my insights on the different Animal medicines I have worked with.

That said, if you would like to keep your personal relationship to an animal spirit free from input, contact me directly instead and learn how to create/deepen your own Shamanic practice!


The Shaman is a universal archetype, akin to the Magician in Tarot decks. Coming after the Fool, the Shaman takes his harmony with the Divine and Spirit to bring into the physical realms through the expression of the four elements. In this way the Shaman participates in the co-creation of the universe with the Divine, being an intstrument through which the sacred is actualized in a practical way.

Traditionally the Shaman would be the one to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds in ancient tribes. Through his own inner work and journeys to embrace power and knowledge of the other realms, he comes back to daily life to share this healing energetically in helping people align their spirits with the One Spirit. This is done through holding sacred space and and acting as a catalyst for healing.

In this Modern age we are re-accessing our innate Shaman, the healer within. This is available to all as the Shaman is a universal archetype. No longer do stereotypes and rigid traditions need to be adhered to in order to have a relationship with Spirit. You, reading this, are a Shaman. If that does not resonate this only means it has yet to be awakened in your life, or recognized beyond familiar terms.

I have studied with the non-profit Foundation for Shamanic Studies for over 3 years now, and I will direct you to their wesbite for the most thorough of explanations:
FSS-Core Shamanism.

In short: Core Shamanism are Universal ways of accessing and understanding the Spirit Realms for the purposes of healing, divination, psychopomp work, and soul retrieval.

I offer Shamanic sessions at a sliding scale rate of $60-90 per session. These sessions are done no more than once a month for proper integration and processing time. I do a Shamanic journey to consult the compassionate helping spirits for what work is needed, whether than be Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, or Illumination of the Chakras. I also offer psychopomp work which helps guide loved ones who have passed over into the Light. This can also be done at your home if there is unwanted spiritual activity (ghosts or poltergeists) disturbing a place.