Qi Gong

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is a powerful yet gentle dynamic movement exercise from China. This class involves 45m of Gift of the Tao movement sets with 15m of warm up and explanations.
What makes Gift of the Tao (GoT) a unique form of Qi Gong is its nonlinear approach to spiritual growth. Rather than a rigid outline for progression in the system, GoT adapts to your particular needs. This ensures every session will be beneficial and suited for integrating your Body Mind and Spirit.
    The complete set of GoT Qigong uses dynamic movement patterns to work out the entire body and energy system. This helps improve energy flow and raise your frequency for improved health and awareness. The end result is an expanded and balanced state of being.
The atmosphere I aim to create with each class is one of unconditional positive regard for where you’re at Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.  Also called “Sacred Space” in many lineages.
You can leave your fear of  judgement at the door! I want you to feel welcome and free to experience Spirit and the energy states we shift through without needing to worry about whether you’re getting any of the moves “right.” The foundation is in building our connection to our Highest Self, Source, God, etc. and adjustments and refinement comes with time.
Qi Gong Class
Every Thursday, Register ahead of time @ Cirque de Vol in downtown Raleigh!

Every Sunday 2:15-3:15 @ Cirque De Vol
300 W Hargett St. Raleigh

Register for classes!

$20 if you drop-in, can pay at front desk.

$40 for the Gift of the Tao I DVD to practice at Home!