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Bi-Monthly Durham Classes at Northgate Park

$15 Drop in Rate, $50 for a 5 Pack of Classes

$40 for the Gift of the Tao I DVD to practice at Home!

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How does Chi Kung work really for healing?

First of all receiving a session is a beautiful way to feel the benefits for yourself and to not worry about getting the moves right. You can simply relax and feel the Qi! For more information about receiving healing sessions of Chi Kung: It’s under my list of Healing Modalities

Now back to the spiritual practice: If you’re not clear on whether Chi Kung is for you-here’s a more scientific explanation.  Dr. Raymond Francis is a well known author and famous for healing from a terminal illness, and he now works to share his findings with the world and is designing a class that elementary school kids can understand about health care. He’s simplified healing by having only two diseases for the purposes of treatment. (Obviously the manifestations and the discussion of how eczema looks different than diabetes gives us many “named” diseases, but for treatment there’s really only two).

There are only two causes for disease. Any disease.

Disease comes down to simply malfunctioning cells, due to either deficient energy OR toxins. Its really that simple, but you can look up his videos on youtube if you want to hear more about his theory in depth.

The point is when cells aren’t working properly we get sick, and they can stop working due to insufficient energy OR overload of toxins.

Chi Kung is healing because it is a system of improving the energetic flow through the body. This means more awareness through your different pathways, and more awareness leads to increase blood flow, nutrient flow, and everything the cells need to function optimally. So Chi Kung works directly on the cause of disease due to insufficient energy by opening up communication between the cells and restoring homeostasis to the body.

This also happens to lead to an increased awareness and sensitivity to toxins. After my practice I notice that I am more aware of what foods my body needs, that I am less able to eat unhealthy and toxic foods, and that I no longer can stand stale or polluted air for long periods. This had lead to me gradually changing my lifestyle to remove toxins and have a more vibrant and healthy life!

Chi Kung is a practice of Depth

I have learned a lot on the path of getting in touch with the body. Everything from Somatics, to Freedom Bodywork, to Ecstatic Dance has shown me the wisdom of tapping into the body and letting it flow how it wants in any given moment.

So why practice a Chi Kung form? While the Gift of the Tao is indeed a set of movements, is it not a form in the traditional sense of Chinese arts in that it does not need to look a certain way. Gift of the Tao is more of a reverse approach to Chi Kung, in which we aim at the different energetic states induced by each move, and use our movement to feel into that. This results in each move being a different expression in each body. Yet there is a general form and guidelines that we follow to activate each pattern.

Practicing a Form allows for depth and growth. While completely organic movement expressions have incredibly beauty and creativity, they don’t show us change over time. The benefit of a movement discipline is you get to see yourself relax and deepen into the moves over time- and it is incredibly efficient. I make space for both types of practices, so I have learned to understand and value them both. The benefit of Chi Kung is certainty-the type of certainty come from inner engineering and tying certain states to movement. For instance, we have discovered the push-up leads to developing into a certain form, and certain levels of health and fitness (push-ups and squats-extremely efficient exercises!) Likewise Gift of the Tao has been ‘discovered’ as sets of Chi Kung moves that induce a level of stillness. Each time I practice is different, but I am always aiming at stillness and find myself much more settled, balanced, and energized after each session. Of course different sets of Gift of the Tao have a different spirit to them, but let’s start with I (unless you attend a workshop with Michael Lomax and learn the higher forms directly from his DVDs, Gift of the Tao: I is the ground of energetic healing and self-care)

The depth comes from seeing over time the changes that come. It is the deepening of river bed, and of expanding along the various dimensions of our being through consistent practice. This is indeed a “water path” where the gentle water overcomes our inner tensions and built up blockages in our energy channels.