Link Freedom, LMBT #13077, BA Philosophy

From 2013-Present I’ve worked as a LMBT, practicing Neuromuscular massage on the public at Massage Spas, alongside Chiropractors, and at All Sport Muscle Therapy working on athletes. I grew dissatisfied with this intense approach that often left me with the feeling that I was fighting clients to relax, or working out their issues with force. I began studying gentler and more effective modalities for my continuing education.

In private practice I began using Freedom Bodywork as I began training with the renowned practitioner Trager student, Nancy Weinberger. In 2015, I joined the 500 Hour Certification Program of Clinical Qi Gong Master Michael Lomax, and have made great leaps in my understanding of energetics and healing on a spiritual level. Since 2016, after a transformative experience study abroad program in Japan,

Podcast Appearance sharing my Experience of Japan

I have committed to working on a deeper level and use only the most effective techniques to reach a complete state of well-being and peace. The most important lesson I learned from the Japanese was that we choose to be either in Harmony with Nature or against Nature. I refined my approach to have all techniques and sessions aimed at harmonizing clients with their true nature and returning them to homeostasis.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Philosophy Magna Cum Laude in Spring 2017, which helped me clarify my understanding that the way we view reality and the philosophies we hold create our experience. In order to shape our experience and have a more wholesome life, we need to uncover our long held beliefs and views of reality for examination.

After graduation I broadened my understanding of the healing arts through travel in Brasil and Peru in the Summer of 2017. I worked with Shamans in the Amazon of Peru and the plant medicines of Mother Ayahuasa, Sapo, Kambo, Nunu, and San Pedro. These medicines further expanded and shattered many perceptions I had of reality, and helped me let go of a lot of stagnant energies and weights in my soul.

For 2018 my goals are to complete Certificiation as Clinical Qi Gong Healer and seek more opportunities to revolutionize the paradigm of health here in the U.S. I have shifted to working on Healcyon full time, and my vision for a better model for a wellness center is starting to take root. I spent a month in Chicago, Seattle, and Portland, which gave me new perspectives and a lot of important feedback from the amazing people I met.