Arthur “Link” Freeman, LMBT #13077, BA Philosophy About Me


We in the United States are waking up to the importance of spiritual and emotional balance as a key to leaving whole, integrated, healthy lives. More and more of us are seeking to establish connection with the Earth and our place in it to add meaning to our lives.

Due to a deficit of indigenous healers and the injustices against First Americans, modern seekers today travel the world to places as far-flung as Tibet or the Amazon to seek spiritual guidance and healing.

Healcyon is committed to bringing the healing wisdom of diverse cultures back to the U.S., and integrating it with the advances in Western science and medicine that have been made. The healing process as a natural part of life is needed the most in advanced societies where it has been replaced with disease management. A rift has appeared between our trust in our body’s own innate wisdom and the profit-based health care system as an authority on health.

Healcyon works at transforming the root cause of dis-ease by returning you to homeostasis. through powerful energetic healing techniques long since proven effective, and used for thousands of years since Ancient China. Clinical Qi Gong, practiced in the Hospitals of China, was originally created as a battlefield medicine since it does not rely on shamanic tools, herbs, or acupuncture needles.

The practitioner himself becomes the tool to transmit information and create a healing space needed for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This makes it an ideal system to utilize for Healcyon’s vision, although our practitioners have extensive background with the Shamanic ways of healing as well. At the highest level, it is our belief that all spiritual healing techniques converge to work on the root of problems anyway, no matter the system.

Grounded Approach- Practical and Creative

The Heacyon approach allows for easier access to global healing practices to those otherwise unable to travel or leave their daily responsibilities. This has the added benefit of facilitating the integration process. It is challenging to have one’s soul and mind completely transformed and then have to come back to a world that hasn’t changed. Instead, longer lasting changes are cemented when the healing process is done during your everyday life.

A transformational week in the Amazon can provide great insights, but without the additional guidance necessary to translate these insights into long term action to change our day to day lives we typically see waning results and disembodiment… Integration of these higher perspectives and deeper truths into our living bodies is sorely missing from the spiritual community.

They keyword for integration in my philosophy is Embodiment. Aka ‘Walking your Talk.’ This simply means having your body reflect your inner life seamlessly: your entire being becomes a reflection of your inner world. If you are someone who feels grounded and secure, your body will reflect this  as a solid stance: rooted feet and strong legs that support your spine and skull (a place of connection). A soul who is comfortable moving through new situations and the process of change will be reflected in a body that is supple and flexible, easy and light in the joints. Various stances are known to be linked to mental states: That is why standing in a confident pose will begin to bring out confidence. The Ancient Chinese knew this when they created Kung Fu styles based off the animals: Tiger, Praying Mantis, and Crane to name a few. By “channeling” these animal’s energies, they could affect their inner state. Inner and Outer worlds communicate seamlessly in a healthy body.

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Never Stop Learning

The modalities are the conduit through which the vision is manifested, and you can learn more about them on the respective tabs of this website! There are a million paths of healing and spirituality, so I wish you best of luck on your Quest to create your unique path whether we work together or not. With resonance, I trust that our paths cross with purpose, and Healcyon can be of service to you wherever you are in your Journey.