A fundamental class for integrating all that we learn from personal experience and CE classes as massage therapists into a cohesive model utilizing the Elements. Using the core elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth students will be taught to organize a better flow and enhance the massage experience. A deep dive into the underlying principles and frameworks that support a successful career and practice as a LMBT.

Philosophy of Massage offers a framework for a more intuitive way of working. Integrate all that you’ve learned on a foundational model that feels good for you and the client. In our profession with all our required CEs we can become overloaded with techniques and methods and massage styles with little time/space to reflect and piece together. Problem of lack of Flow during massage sessions, which is markedly different than routine.

The Power of Initiation-What is missing from the West, what is missing from our Education and upbringing-to bring us into Full Alignment of who we are. In working with the elements in a personal way, we “initiate” a relationship with them which we can deepen over time. Another element missing from Western life, especially in adult and professional areas, is Play. We will be doing a lot of exercises of “adult play” to get in touch with our own inner spirit to better access these foundational energies.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Describe and Contrast the Philosophies of the Elemental Systems of China, Greece, Tibet, and Japan
  • Perform movement and breathing exercises to activate and harmonize with Elemental Energies
  • Analyze Clients through the lenses of Elemental theories to create more effective treatment plans and a balanced approach
  • Discuss how these Elemental Archetypes show up in your life, and reflect on which energies are your strength / growth areas
  • Demonstrate an application of elemental bodywork through trades

These classes will be in person at Armonia Health 1911 Hillandale Rd Durham, over 4 weeks. Each class will be 9am-3:15pm (1 hr. Lunch discussion) , with trades during each session. If you are not an LMT or would like to attend the class from a distance, the Zoom option is 9am-12pm each day and the cost is $100. Dates: Next Class TBD

Taught by Philosopher and experienced LMBT Arthur Freeman with certifications in Freedom Bodywork, Shamanic Practice Alchemical Dreamwork, Clinical Qi Gong Therapeutics, and Somatic Psychology.

Registration: To register, e-mail healycon.sky@gmail.com with subject “Registering for CE Class.” Please include the following information: Name, License # and State, and Telephone #. Classes have a minimum enrollment of 3, and maximum of 6, unless otherwise noted in the course description.

Payment Policy: Cost of this Pilot course is $240. A deposit of $100 is required by June 23rd with registration to secure your place. Payments can be made to paypal.me/healcyon, Venmo @Arthur-Freeman, or a check mailed to our address, disclosed through e-mail. Upon the class being accepted to provide CEs, an additional $150 is required for Certification of Completion which will grant 21 CE hours.

Zoom Option: The Zoom option is $100, and can be purchased right up until the class start date.

Risk Free Offer: In addition to being able to take the pilot course at a lower price for now CE credits, Healcyon also has a revolutionary idea in the Risk Free Offer. If you feel you have not been served at the highest level by one of our courses or offerings, you can write a detailed letter of feedback on the course and obtain a full refund. This is to ensure the quality of the teachings and reassure students that their time and energy is valuable.

Cancellation Policy: Each course has a confirmation date of two weeks before the first class. If you have paid the deposit and would like to cancel your registration before the confirmation date, you will be refunded in full. Partial refunds after the confirmation date may be granted in cases of personal emergencies, at the discretion of Healcyon.

Only in an emergency situation would the Instructor have to cancel a course, in such a case you would be refunded the full tuition amount.