Let me share with you a secret about healing, which is what Healcyon is all about. On my path to discover the best techniques and traditions for healing pain that comes with the human experienced, I came across the ultimate healer. This healer has the wisdom of a hundred thousand lifetimes, and can tap into dimensions beyond rational understanding for the intelligence and energies appropriate for healing work.

You may already have guessed it, but it’s the human body! The human body has an incredible potential to regenerate its cells and recover from damage. This is the underlying wisdom of learning a Mind-Body Art like Yoga or Qi Gong-a practice to allow the body the time and space to recover and heal itself.

This may be a strange introduction to Healcyon’s healing services-after all, why would you need a therapist of any kind if you have all your healing within? Well while the body is the greatest healer, I also need to mention what can be its best friend or its greatest enemy:

The Mind

The mind has a powerful ability (and a puzzling one, a mystery not yet solved!) to block our growth and healing process. We as humans can and do get stuck in certain thought processes, behaviors, and poor movement patterns. Perhaps these are necessary for a time to recover from and insulate us from further pain. Yet often we continue this stuckness long past its expiration date.

My own story of healing illustrates this concept: I was in chronic pain for two years after breaking both wrists in a motorcycle crash. Physical Therapy had been completed and I was told that this was the best it would get, and so my mind got stuck in that belief. It was not until entering massage school when a teacher casually mentioned that it could get better-and then worked on it and reconnected my body’s truth to update my mind- that I actually became pain free. This liberating experience moves me to why healers are useful in this process. Most “healers” have moved on to call themselves:


To pay respect to the fact that the body and spirit are repairing the body while they are present to help this process along and get the mind unstuck. I prefer to use the term Healing Arts Professional because I believe there is indeed an art to facilitating this process and that each mind needs a unique key to unlock its potential. Touch is a medium through which a whole range of emotional, energetic, and kinesthetic information can be transferred-and facilitators use this medium to communicate and help the mind let go. Catalyst of healing is another word often used because of the “igniting” or “re-awakening” of the body’s self-healing capacity that occurs during sessions.


Healing Session:

A Holistic Weave
Starting in 2020, I am consolidating all of my services under the heading “Healing Session.” This means that I will draw on the different modalities I have trained under in ways that will best serve you as a client. Perhaps you are drawn to one of the following modalities below, and we can certainly start off with a technique that excites you or you are already comfortable with. Moving forward it is not my time you are paying for, but the value of healing the root causes of the pain you are feeling. In that spirit, after trust has been established, I ask that you surrender to the particular healing style I sense is needed given my years of experience.

The following list explains what those approaches are, and my training in them.

Essential oils are the most modern form of “plant medicine.” I have been working the Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils of doTerra for over six years with radical success in self-healing. I have been using them with clients in private practice for over two years, and let the wisdom of the body combined with my own knowledge of the oil’s benefits speak for itself. If it doesn’t smell good to you, don’t use it!

From doTerra:
-“Chemical constituents known as sesquiterpenes-commonly found in essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood-are known to be able to go beyond the blood-brain barrier. High levels of these constituents help increase the amount of oxygen in the limbic system of the brain, particularly around the pineal and pituitary glands. This leads to an increase in secretions of antibodies, endorphins, and neurotransmitters.

…1989 it was discovered the amygdala plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma. The only way to stimulate this gland is with fragrance or the sense of smell. Therefore, essential oils can be a powerful key to help unlock and release emotional trauma.”

This modality is easy to combine with all of the other services I offer. The only release of emotional trauma that I have experienced with clients has been in a gentle and easy way as it is moved through the body in physical healing modalities. More intense forms of processing this material would be referred to a licensed counselor.

Clinical Pain Release Massage
For those who are new to massage or familiar with basic styles such as Swedish, this session uses traditional massage techniques of Compression, long strokes, and stretches to improve circulation throughout the system as well as get Trigger Points (aka “knots”) released. I was trained in a 900 Hour Clinical Neuro-muscular massage program and have worked alongside chiropractors, honing my techniques and experience with any kind of pain dysfunction. Restore your body’s integrity and release stuck muscles and pain!

Client undresses to their comfort level under the sheet, lotion as needed to improve massage.

Lymphatic Drainage
Much of the benefit of swedish massage comes from the movement of lymph around our bodies. The Lymph system is in charge of detoxification, as well as transport of the immune system fluid called “lymph.” This form of massage is focused specifically on an entire and complete drainage of the lymph system, and it is often the case that “the places we hurt” are places with stuck and backed up in the lymphatic system. We do not passively move lymph, and it lymph is only moved either manually by a therapist or through movement (such as exercise, or movement practices). Many places especially after an injury have tightened fascia which restricts the movement of lymph, despite exercise.

The brush strokes of this style are light and relaxing, with a soothing repetition about them. The abdomen is also worked as a place where a lot of stuck interstitial fluids occur due to our culture of sitting, and this work releases the organs to work more easily (and also promotes digestive functions). I trained under Claire Marie Miller for twelve hours to be certified in Lymphatic Massage.

Freedom Bodywork

A gentle and effective form of bodywork created by Nancy Weinberger influenced by her teacher the legendary Dr. Milton Trager. Rocking, shimmers, compressions and more are all orchestrated to free the unconscious mind and the holding patterns it has created. Fascial restrictions melt away to resulting in long-lasting or permanent changes in the structure and function of the tissues. Deeply effective as well as a pleasant experience, this is an effective way of learning to live in the body.

Client wears loose and comfortable shorts and sports bra, or may be more fully clothed if preferred. Most of the session takes place on the massage table, but movement awareness techniques self-care will also be taught.

^Reccomended for anyone wishing to release muscular patterns of tension in their body, anyone in chronic pain, physical trauma (e.g. car crashes), or anyone feeling disconnected with their body and inhabit it more fully.


Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy

From the Hospitals of China, this Clinical Qi Gong technique uses acupressure points in a deep and powerful way. The therapist’s work is to create a healing atmosphere for healing to unfold, and also stimulate the nervous system with this energy through the points along the spine. Pain elimination guaranteed. I completed a 500-Hour Certification Program in Clinical Qi Gong under Grandmaster Michael Lomax as of June 2019.

Client may remain fully clothed for this style.

^Recommended for anyone experiences any sort of “dis-ease”, especially those relating to the nervous system-neuropathy, poor circulation, organ dysfunction, emotional/mental traumas, or anyone feeling “stuck” in their lives.

Spiritual Guidance

This service is for those who may feel overwhelmed by the endless choices of modalities in healing, or feeling simply lost in life in general. Tarot/I-Ching/Oracle cards are used for an intuitive reading to get you back on track. These tools are ways of simply uncovering what is unconscious in a situation, or angles you have not yet perceived. Guidance in this way provides a fresher and more complete outlook of whatever decision or challenge you may be facing at this time. My training in Intuitive readings has been under sporadic guidance by expert reader Phillip Young, as well as over six years of practice and work with various divination tools.

^Recommended as an Introduction to Healcyon, or those who have established practices and facilitators they work with but no longer feel they are getting what they need.

Astrology Chart Reading

Western- Tropical Astrology
I have found Western Astrology to be quite profound in “understanding why we do the things we do.” Tropical Astrology is based on a division of the year according to the Solar Cycle, rather than the specific location of the stars themselves. A Chart reading is not done “completely”, and is best done as a gradual process over years. I have found entire chart readings overwhelming and unhelpful, with information overload abounds. Simply taking the next step, i.e. from Sun sign to Sun+Moon sign, is much more profound.

This makes it an ideal modality to interweave with healing sessions of bodywork and hands-on healing, as it helps us uncover and integrate misunderstood parts of ourselves.

Eastern- BaZi Astrology
Literally “8 Characters,” Eastern Astrology focuses on the different cosmic energies present during each day, month, year, and hour as organized by the 5 Element theory of Chinese thought. 8 Characters means that there are 8 core components to your birth chart, far more than the “Animal” we normally think of which is related to the year. I have found Eastern readings to be extremely helpful at our balancing and understand various aspects of our lives: Wealth, Friends, Support, Output, and Influence. In contrast to Western Astrology, it is less about our personality and more useful for knowing how to take action in accordance with the “Flow” of heaven energy at any given time.


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