Let me share with you a secret about healing, which is what Healcyon is all about. On my path to discover the best techniques and traditions for healing pain that comes with the human experienced, I came across the ultimate healer. This healer has the wisdom of a hundred thousand lifetimes. and can tap into dimensions beyond rational understanding for the intelligence and energies appropriate for healing work.

You may already have guessed it, but its the human body! The human body has an incredible potential to regenerate its cells and recover from damage. This is the underlying wisdom into learning Qi Gong-a practice to allow the body the time and space to recover and heal itself.

This may be a strange introduction to Healcyon’s healing services-after all, why would you need a therapist of any kind if you have all your healing within? Well while the body is the greatest healer, I also need to mention what can be its best friend or its greatest enemy:
The Mind

The mind has a powerful ability (and a puzzling one that I have not yet solved!) to block our growth and healing process. We as humans can and do get stuck in certain thought processes, behaviors, and poor movement patterns. My own story of healing illustrates this concept: I was in chronic pain for two years after breaking both wrists in a motorcycle crash. Physical Therapy had been completed and I was told that this was the best it would get, and so my mind got stuck in that belief. It was not until entering massage school when a teacher casually mentioned that it could get better-and then worked on it and reconnected my body’s truth to update my mind- that I actually became pain free. This liberating experience moves me to why healers are useful in this process. Most “healers” have moved on to call themselves:


To pay respect to the fact that the body and spirit are repairing the body while they are present to help this process along and get the mind unstuck. I prefer and use the term Healing Arts Professional because I believe there is indeed an art to facilitating this process and that each mind needs a unique key to unlock its potential. Touch is a medium through which a whole range of emotional, energetic, and kinesthetic information can be transferred-and facilitators use this medium to communicate and help the mind let go.


Healing Services:

Freedom Bodywork

A form of bodywork created by Nancy Weinberger influenced by her teacher the legendary Dr. Milton Trager. Rocking, shimmers, compressions and more are all orchestrated to free the unconscious mind and the holding patterns it has created. Fascial restrictions melt away to resulting in long-lasting or permanent changes in the structure and function of the tissues. Deeply effective as well as a pleasant experience, this is an effective way of learning to live in the body.

Client wears loose and comfortable shorts and sports bra, or may be more fully clothed if preferred. Most of the session takes place on the massage table, but movement awareness techniques  self-care will also be taught.

$80 for 75 minutes of hands on table work and self-care techniques

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy

From the Hopsitals of China, this Clinical Qi Gong technique uses the Energy Channels found in Acupuncture in a deep way. The aim of Energy work is to get to the root spiritual cause of the problem, and re-align one with the vibration of their highest Self. The Taoist approach works with channeling the frequency of the Dao (or Source, Light, Holy Spirit, Universe) and allows the healing that needs to be done to happen. The therapist’s work is to create a healing atmosphere for healing to unfold, and also stimulate the nervous system with this energy through the points along the spine. The result is a return to homeostasis, and a feeling of deep peace and stillness.

As of June 2019, I have completed the 500 Hour Certification Program in Clinical Qi Gong from the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing under Grandmaster Michael Lomax. I now feel proud to offer this as the highest level of my work and make this therapy more and more of my main approach to healing.

Client remains fully clothed

$90 for 90 minutes of hands on energy work


Spiritual Consultation – Tarot Reading

The Spirit of this service is for those who may feel overwhelmed by the endless choices of modalities in healing, or feeling simply lost in life in general. Tarot cards are used for an intuitive reading to get you back on track. With a deep understanding of your situation, I will refer you to the appropriate Professional, modality, or Path I feel may best serve you at this time. Tarot have long been used as an access point to our unconscious and inner guidance. I facilitate the process of awakening so that you may find your inner compass.

$40, 30 minutes of Tarot reading, Listening, and conversation.


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