Since 2017, Healcyon has been involved in training with the Alchemical Dreamer’s Guild (ADG). Link completed the Initiation into the Guild in the Spring of 2018 and became a Guild Collaborator. In September 2019 and 2020 Healcyon and the Guild teamed up to Co-Facilitate an Askelpian Camping Retreats along the Blue Ridge mountain range.

Next Event: Summer Healing AstroDream Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC dates TBA

Early Registration by June 15th- $222, $300 after, with bedrooms available.

View of Mt. Mitchell from 2019 Fall Asklepian Temple

What is Dreamwork?

Working with Dreams is as incredible field with many approaches and styles. Any method that uses dreams and their imagery for the purposes of reflection, growth, or creativity can be seen as dreamwork. Simply put as the name implies- it is working with Dreams! There are many methods, such as Archetypal Dreamwork (Carl Jung), Projective Dreamwork (Jeremy Taylor), and then we have the guild’s Authentic Dreamwork (Benjamin Whitehurst). Healcyon’s vision of helping people embody their path aligns with embodied dreamwork-actually feeling the felt sense of your dreams in order to process and integrate them.

The Guild’s Dream Circling

Each Month the Healcyon hosts an in person Dream group with Astrology- Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild Meetup group has all the information on upcoming events including weekly online Dream Symbolism exploration.

Healcyon and the Guild practice a method of Dreamwork called Dream Circling, and it is why our modalities have so much overlap and synergy.

Most dream groups out there today focus on analyzing dreams for their symbolic content, as well as psychological analysis of the dreamer. When sharing with friends, it is often normal to hear this type of language: “What do you think this dream means? Is it pre-cognitive of the future? What is going on with my subconscious?”

The Guild’s method of Authentic Dreamwork takes a meditative/spiritual approach. Rather than focusing on meaning or symbolism, which is only a few layers of the incredible depth in dreams, a holistic approach is taken including all the layers of a dream. Some examples of these layers are: Kinesthetic feel of images, Somatic Experience (where do I feel this dream in my body), and Channeled Associations (what experiences or curious thoughts arise).

Circling is a practice of its own, which involves the interpersonal connections and depth of awareness in being with a group. A group’s attention will often meditate on ‘what it is like’ to be with someone as they are, and to offer reflections of their experience. Often this is done sitting in a circle, hence the name, but Circling can be done one on one with a client to better understand their World.

When weave these two together skillfully, you arrive with the practice of Dream Circling. A spiritual practice that has incredible depth as well as the richness of community. This is also an incredibly safe path (like Qi gong!) because Dreams arrive when we are ready to have and integrate them.