Link’s Chart

I do believe it is important to at least know a bit about the chart of the person doing your chart. Check in with yourself to feel if we are compatible (not that harmony is always what’s needed in a reading!)

I am a Scorpio Rising, passionately obsessed in illuminating the depths. Astrology has been an invaluable tool in making sense of the powerful shifts, transitions, insights, and transformations that are a trademark of Scorpio. So much sense.

My Virgo Moon loves pragmatism and talking in clear, precise language. I analyze charts and put them in grounded, understandable terms or metaphors. Organization is a strength of Virgo, and assists in guiding your mind to assimilating the information in your chart in a useful way. This allows me to serve clients with little to no understanding or prior experience with astrology, as I avoid technical language that may cause eye glazing! I commit to translating the maps of astrology into clear applications in your daily life.

Finally my Cancer Sun means… well how much I care. I care that you live your life to the full potential of your chart, and feel completely nurtured and supported along the way. Cancer is also adept at empathy and helps me feel my way intuitively through what you’re going through. In service of meeting you where you’re at, I approach each reading with an open heart and gentle approach so that we can tap into the most relevant part of your astrology chart. It is an art of great depth, and Cancer helps me swim at the level that your soul is asking to be revealed at this time.

I hope the essence of my natal chart and gifts serve you well, and encourage you to honor any interest in exploring your personal maps to navigating the Cosmos!

Light and Love my fellow celestial travelers,


Modern Astrology Exploring the Psyche and Relationships

In accordance with my love of the Elements I have been studying and practicing astrology since late 2014. There are many systems of astrology and also many ways of approaching these ‘maps of the stars.’

I practice a form of Western Astrology I call “Embodied Astrology.” Rather than extensive study of books and the intellectual understanding passed down through the ages, I have worked with the archetypes, zodiac signs, and elements of these systems until they become experiential truths that have practical realities. My podcast features many of the collaborative efforts of the 12 signs, as well as an introduction to Bazi.

Astrology for Relocation and Traveling

I have delved deeper with Tropical Astrology in practice, and find it useful for clients that wish to explore their psyche, compatibility and how to find harmony in relationships, and even their spiritual calling. For those who are inclined to travel the world or relocate, I also offer an in-depth AstroCartoGraphy reading which shows the timing and usefulness of the different areas of the world for each individual. This powerful form of astrology allows one to maximize their adventures and use the ‘personal ley lines’ that map the world to explore different aspects of their being and call forth certain experiences-be it love, wealth, health, or a nurturing place to put down roots.

Hellenistic Astrology: Zodiacal Releasing and the Art of Timing

Ancient astrology from the Mediterranean and Egypt around 100 B.C.E., I am trained in a form of astrology that allows you to look at the rhythms and cycles of time in one’s life. This mapping out of one’s ‘Life biography’ helps us zero in on exactly where you are at and how we can move with the energies of these rhythms instead of fighting upstream.

For example, if we see that we are coming up on a ‘Peak Period’ of importance and that it is almost time for our Moon to shine full (another timing technique I use is Lunar Progressions, or how we live through our own phases of waxing and waning), then we can better orient ourselves to make maximum use of that time to shine!


In brief I have written a blog post on the [one] of the Chinese forms of Astrology, Bazi, translated as ‘8 Characters’ to refer to the basis of your chart. This system goes as deep and as wide as Western astrology, however I prefer to use in planning out years and understanding certain ‘Luck shifts’ that happen every 10 years. It breaks down one’s life across the Elements seen below of “Wealth, Output, Influence, Resource, and Companion.” It is also quite accurate at predicting misfortune and fortune alike in my experience, as I have broken bones/had a vehicle crash when a Metal year clashes my Wood elemental self!

I recommend Bazi if you are curious about the Chinese arts and already have an affinity for the Wu Xing (5 Elemental Phases), or are interested in balancing the areas of life shown below.