Ok, first I haven’t written in a blog post in a long time. Years really! I have lapsed on this crucial step of integration and sharing on the numerous, numerous journeys I have been in the past several years. I don’t know when my bandwidth for sharing was reduced, or if it was eroded slowly over time by things I thought were important, excuses I made, or doubts whether any of these scribbles were even adding value to the world.

Regardless, here I am and now I’m writing for myself and for others. I’ve just returned from visiting my brother in Knoxville Tennessee where he has gone out to forge a life for himself. Perhaps it was this inspiration, of feeling and seeing a hero’s journey right in front of me, that catalyzed me to once again pick up the pen.

In this spirit, I want to encourage others to take ACTION on whatever insight or information they are exposed to. As for right now, you are taking the time to read this blog post by me. One of the teachings from my new favorite self-help mentor, JulienHimself, is that “the value of information is only in how it will actually be applied and change your life.”

So I took his information, I wanted to make the time I spent listening and the feelings it generated valuable. You see, I’ve gone on many adventures and journeys over the years. Countless seminars, trainings, and all the personal development jazz one could ever avail themselves too. Something I’ve always known, perhaps we’ve all always known, is the way the gravity of our day to day lives pulls us back into the same habits more or less. Regardless of how high or charged or elevated the retreat was.

Julien put it in these terms “the altitude you gain during these seminars is the time to make boundaries and commitments” THAT is what will lead to your life actually changing. Often there is a dinner or celebration at the end of such workshops, with much cheering on for the hard work. Oh no, the hardwork has yet to even begin! The real challenge is to commit and hold myself accountable to all the ways in which I saw my life could change from the spiritual elevation I experienced. I call that height “the Adventure Altitude.”

What I’ve seen is that recently I’ve been selling out for various things, and I don’t mean that these things are negative in any sense. The discerning factor is in the motivation and the inner trajectory, and the price I am paying. In this case it is stability and security, two hallmarks of the status quo that is not always the healthiest thing to maintain.

Well, now for this Summer Season 2023 (which if you’ve paid attention to my Bazi content is the Fire Season) I am committing to being productive and creative in ways that fulfill me and serve the world! My focus is my book which is nearing completion, only needing the foreword and the cover art in place before I can start to put it out there!

Thank you for attention, support, and consideration.

-Link Freedom