Here now after the Full Moon culmination of the start of the Year of the Dragon, I’ve been reflecting on anger in response to a prompt.

What is healthy anger and how can we differentiate it from unhealthy?

And what does that have to do with the Dragon and Waterfalls?

Well first we have to look at the Eastern Dragon (vs. the Western Dragon… perhaps worthy of its own post!), and how Waterfall are associated with their energy. My usual disclaimer is that if you’re curious about how the Wood Dragon Year impacts you personally it’s better if you learn your Day Master and and basic Bazi.

As for a general understanding of the Dragon, adding together the crashing freedom of the waterfall+the uprising explosive growth of Wood energy will help in your contemplation of 2024!

So back to the waterfall and anger… Waterfalls seem to me not only intimately connected with dragon but also a wonderful expression of healthy anger. The energy flows freely and uninhibited by restrictions until it crashes down. Rather than being “destructive” it flows along the path of least resistance as ‘the Way’ and carves the flow for future energy and expression.

In the West we usually look at anger as something more fiery, as a forest fire (we even use ‘raging’ to describe it) that consumes all it touches and leaves waste in its wake. Even this can be ‘healthy’ looked at in a certain way, when controlled, and leaves the forest fresh and renewed after being cleared of rampant growth.

Now back to the East, we find a lot of ‘angry’ deities and figures that have an intense visage-to cut through illusion and chase away demons and the likes. I love how the scholars have translated this to the west, they use the word Fierce. Fierce perhaps is our western word FOR healthy anger. Do we not admire those that express fierceness? Have respect for an intense woman who will bite your head off if crossed?

Perhaps this is useful to you in your own reflections. I’d love to see us embrace this idea of fierceness as healthy anger, rather than using the word anger with all of its baggage connotations and history. Anger could be our word for that untamed destructive Wood energy while Fierceness allows us to Pierce to higher levels of awareness and integrity.

Like the Rising Dragon. Wishing you an authentic Lunar year!


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