Happy Autumn 2020! Now more than ever I believe the Archetype of the Magician is needed:

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The Magician is the #1 card in the Major Arcana, not to be confused with the first card, which is the #0 Fool. First soak up the image, and look at it with clear eyes. Stop whatever you’re doing, and really take in the card-

What do you notice? Which aspect stands out to you? Your attention is drawn to the part of the card that has the most information, as I’ve been learning in my psychological studies.

Today I am drawn to the left shoulder and the Sun image there. Given the choice, I like to Create with Light-and have experience be illuminating for myself and those I cross paths with. Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon (a later post, perhaps).

Now perhaps you are unfamiliar with what the Magician means. The exercise is meant to unfold what it means to YOU, today as you read this! That’s how I use Tarot to get in touch with my intuition as I walk my path.

Yet, I would be shortchanging your time if all this blog post included was a mantra to create your experience through Listening to your intuition, so let’s go on a little inner journey shall we?

The infinity symbol above the Magician’s head shows his link to the infinite creative powers we have at our disposal. The inspiration for this post was extensive, but most of all I’ve heard too often “I’m not creative!” I believe we can expand our concept of creativity, and at the same time extract it’s core. Which is to say creativity encompasses everything in our life-all experience, and at the core of that is our ability to Create our experience.

Now what of what we don’t control, and we can’t create? I see a lot of energy and effort spent on creating desirable outcomes-for this election, for this pandemic, for this World. The pain of our times is palpable, and uncertainty indeed is scary. Yet if we could dictate the way the whole World is according to our values and sense of rightness-are we not daring to be God? The Magician is more humble, understanding that the Unknown is necessary for us to have a Life that we cannot have imagined!

Now when I say create our experience, I don’t mean changing the circumstances of our lives drastically; this is not a self-help post about what it means to transform our entire lives. I want you, dear reader, to reflect on what you can do during these uncertain and stressful times! I’ve been catching myself-it’s a practice after all-focusing on the wrong aspects of any given situation I’m in. Worse, I’ve been drifting away from the incredible beauty right in front of me. As I type this, my dog Ronin lies in my lap!

*happy sigh* what a blessing! I know the saying is “count your blessings” but I really have too many to keep track! So I ask, really, to stop. Stop reading this post (okay finish this paragraph), and look around you. Don’t think or anything, LOOK and see what in your room is a blessing! The floor holding you up? The windows letting you see outside? Breathe it in.

Are you back? Well then there’s more to discuss I suppose. Refer back to the Magician’s image, all the elements are there (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) as well as the Black and the White. A Magician weaves with all the elements, and works on balance (notice him on the rock?) After we reach a state of gratitude, and receive the Grace already present in our Life, why not make things a little better? A Song lyric comes to mind “those who weave Love create without knowing.” One of the mottos of Healcyon is “do all things with Love.” If we come from the right place, then whether we are doing the dishes, walking the dog, or embracing those close to us as they are-we cannot fail to create a better experience.

Note again the infinity symbol: what we create lasts. In the sense that all of time is happening Now, and will always be happening! I don’t have the physics background to do that truth justice, but indulge my reality for a bit. If what we do resounds across Eternity-what do we want to Create? What small step can we take each day, each hour, each moment, to do the simple practice of Appreciate, Love, and Optimize? Optimize is the word I choose to mean the recognition both that everything is beautiful as it is, and what could be even more beautiful, more free, more deLightful?

Enjoy the process.

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