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A beginner’s level class in qi gong, self-care designed for massage therapists. Qi gong is self-healing practice based upon thousands of years of Chinese Medicine. A gentle and relaxing way of working with your body, the movements in Qi gong are easy to perform. This practice can be considered a “moving meditation’ as one slowly goes through the practice to better feel the ‘Qi’ and quiet the mind.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Perform the Ji Ben Qi gong Set to balance and circulate vital energy (Qi) throughout the whole body
  • Discuss how Daoist principles and philosophy underlies Qigong and support the practice
  • Assess yourself and clients with a basic level of 5-Element Theory, to understand their potential imbalances
  • Demonstrate the Gift of the Tao: 1 Qi gong Set to align and shift your state of mind into Stillness

This class will be held Live on Zoom, over 4.5 hours with breaks included. The course will be held on Sunday July 26th, from 1pm-5:30pm.

Taught by Philosopher and experienced LMBT Arthur Freeman, a serial CE taker who has training in Freedom Bodywork, Shamanic Practice, Clinical Qi Gong Therapeutics, and Somatic Psychology.

Registration: To register, e-mail with subject “Registering for ___ CE Class.” Please include the following information: Name, License # and State, and Telephone #. Classes have a minimum enrollment of 5, and maximum of 20, unless otherwise noted in the course description.

Payment Policy: Cost of this course is $60, full payment is required with registration. Payments can be made to, or a check mailed to our address, disclosed through e-mail.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Each course has a confirmation date of two weeks before the first class. If you have paid the deposit and would like to cancel your registration before the confirmation date, you will be refunded in full. Partial refunds after the confirmation date may be granted in cases of personal emergencies, at the discretion of Healcyon.

Only in an emergency situation would the Instructor have to cancel a course, in such a case you would be refunded the full tuition amount.

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