A few years ago I earned the nickname “Celestial Wayfarer” among my peer group of Qigong practitioners. I had freshly read “Opening the Dragon’s Gate” where all the Daoist Masters of the Lineage had badass titles to go with their specialties. My fellow skilled healers and I then reflected on what we saw each other’s gifts were.

I enjoyed the title, but nonetheless I felt completely outclassed by others in the field of Astrology. It was a passion and interest of mine, as it has helped me navigate the world of my intuitive feelings and energies in ever deepening ways.

This September I co-lead a class on Bazi- a form of Chinese Astrology based on the cycles of Heaven Qi. I had been inspired to teach such a class based on how effective organizing groups of Children had been using their Bazi charts! My goal was to simply balance the 5 elements and have the Children be in a group that nourished them, as it wasn’t until I returned to North Carolina and studied Germaine’s materials on Bazi that I was exposed to the immense depth of Chinese Astrology.

Still, I did not make the connection to my earlier “Title”, and saw myself mostly as a resource on the 5-Element theory and experiencing these different energies through Qigong. I let Germaine handle most of the Astrology heavy lifting.

Then during my last Qigong workshop in the mountains near Boone, my friends called on my services again. In the weeks following, they encouraged me to offer these services to the public. Still I resisted, feeling as though it was not something I was truly qualified to offer.

As if to further prove my hesitation wrong, they asked me how I felt about a particular high-level Nei Gong master’s 2020 Forecast. Given what I had learned about the Bazi, I critiqued it for being a bit too general and misunderstanding how the year’s energies will be vastly different things for different people depending on the unique make-up of their chart. Roughly speaking, a Yang Metal Rat (Rat is simply a ‘shortcut’ for Yang Water by the way, as the animal symbolism has been grossly overused and misunderstood) Year will be of great benefit to people lacking those energies in their chart. For example, people with mostly Yin energy, people who need Metal to keep them in line (heavy Wood types), or Water people who need nourishment as well as friendship from the energy of Rat.

I won’t go into too much detail about the nuances here, but suffice to say I had a lot of comments on the forecast. Yet still, I felt that it’s easy to critique a Level 1 understanding when you’re at Level 2, but that hardly warrants thinking of yourself as some authority on a subject worthy of offering services for money.

The breakthrough came for me in ways it often does: in that liminal space between dreaming and waking.

I was having a mock conversation in my head with my Cancer friend. I felt like explaining to her the reason Daily Horoscopes are ineffective- this eventually lead us to discussing Sun Signs. Basically this is the “Gateway” most people use for Astrology, or simply the only thing they know about Western Astrology.

-As a side note yes, we have transitioned from Chinese to Western Astrology rather abruptly. This is because I am far more comfortable with Western Astrology have been using it and practicing it for several years longer. Chinese Astrology has only gotten deeper very recently for me, in addition I believe there is “something to be said” about aligning with the system indigenous to the Culture you are in. Of course, due to my own Synergistic desires, I am passionate about finding the overlap of Truth that always emerges from both charts-

Back to Sun Signs- A recent symbol I learned about turned out to be perfect for my explaining the shortcomings of knowing only your Sun Sign for the purposes of Horoscopes and inner exploration.

This symbol lies beneath the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. The Vesica Piscis (yes the second word is pronounced and means the same Pisces as Astrology, so a perfect symbol indeed):

Vesica Piscis symbol of sacred geometry, vector element for design.

Basically, the two overlapping circles represent my chart and my friend’s Chart. We have overlap, in the Center we are both “Cancer Sun Signs.” We can focus on that overlap in our interactions, in our similarities. Eventually critics of Astrology pipe up here and say “well you are completely different people in so many other ways, hence Astrology is pretty bunk-you’re looking for similarities and find them.”

Well once we know the rest of her chart we can see the differences quite easily. Her way of going about relationships-giving and receiving love (Venus Sign) for example, her way of getting what she wants from the world (Mars Sign), etc. etc. Now we come to learn a lot more about each-other and can relate in Cancer ways while also appreciating the differences.

Turns out the cluster of behaviors/traits called “Cancer” has manifested in unique ways for both of us. What we do have in common is ‘Therapist’ (a common occupation for a sign that wants to care take and nurture). Most significant is our Moon Sign difference- I became a healer of the Body, or a healer through the body, with my Earth Moon in Virgo- which has manifested as massage therapist.

I won’t reveal her Moon sign, but she is a talk therapist, so you can probably guess which element her Moon sign would be in!

Upon waking fully I realized that my passion and articulation of this subject was wanting to come out into the world. To be of Service has always been my aim, so of course something in which I have skill and passion would be of quality service! The block has been pulverized, I am ready to hang my shingle out and others with their Astrology charts. Chinese or Western, or both! The strength of having a consultation is that I aim to distill all the overwhelming amount of information in Astrology into the practical and grounded (Virgo again!) actions or information that will be of most use to you at this point in time.

Rather than looking up “what things mean” in the dictionary, my sessions will be an exploration of “what they mean to you right now.” Hit up the Contact page to reach out if you are interested in a consultation, starting at $50 for a single chart reading and $65 for a comprehensive reading included both East and West.

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