I’ve had a whirlwind of adventures the past two weeks, from Terre Haute Indiana to the NationaL Qi Gong Association’s yearly conference in Asheville. I enjoyed countless insights, immigration, and sharing deeply with my qi gong family.

I learned a lot about Chinese herbalism with budding master Ben Rosenthorn, and enjoyed the Sunrises of Lake Sullivan whose turtles and herons had much to share:

I’m focusing on the culimation of these experiences, and the last day of the Asheville Conference: Mingtong Gu’s (a Qi Gong master based out of New Mexico. Find him at chicenter.com) Inner Emotional transformational healing through sound.

We went on an inner journey through the 5 elements and the different organ systems they represent. We felt deeply the function of each on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. The process was in activating these systems to transmform emotions into their higher expressions.

I can talk theory here about what they all represent and do, but the experience is much deeper and personal. Anyone can set aside time, and I mean really set aside time: Don’t have any engagements or anything afterward that your mind will keep pulling you toward. Take time for this process, you’re getting to know your own body and organs! See it as a way of giving thanks and acknowledging how they’ve supported your life this whole time-this in itself is deeply healing.

Breathe into each organ system and feel its function, one at a time. I won’t go through the transformative process and sounds we used because that’s best done in person (and from a qualified teacher to teach it), but getting in touch with the elements is fine:

Fire- Heart and Cardiovascular sytem: breathe in and feel how it transforms emotions into joy, contentmeant, and inner peace. Get in touch with your heart space, what’s going on? What sensations or feelings arise that we can embrace with compassion?

Water- Kidneys and Reproductive system: feel your kidneys, adrenals, and base of your spine for your reproductive organs are. The emotions associated with water are fear. Get in touch with your Fear, what’s shows up? What sensations or feelings arise that we can embrace with compassion? How can we release fear to be more present for life?

Earth-Stomach, digestive systems: feel your stomach right under your ribcage. How do we digest experiences and emotions? Are we running from one thing to the next without processing what we just experienced? Anxiety and worry come up with this system, and this can be transformed into an openness and trust-faith for what is and will be.

Wood- Liver and Purification system: this organ system was very palpable for me. My spleen felt a bit sluggish and my Liver a bit overworked-and when we worked with the emotional level of this sytem- tranforming anger and jealousy into positive anger and courage-I felt a deep release. Hold both sides of your lower ribcage and breathe into the organs to get intouch with this system, and how we can purify ourselves of toxins on all levels.

Metal- Lungs & Respiratory system: This was a powerful system to work with, as I personally have this element for a lot of my composition. Breathe into the sadness stored in your lungs, the grief the we do not fully release on each exhale or give ourselves time to process. In a world of “up up up, and lets feel good all the time” we often don’t sit with our sadness and grief to fully clear space for new experiences or to learn compassion for all life. Take full deep breaths into your lungs and invite in any memories or loss that haven’t been fully felt. From there find a place of compassion for yourself and others knowing they too have experienced countless losses in their lifetime.

Even done at this level with only the breath this can be a powerful meditation: so allow time for integration and grounding afterward. Feel your feet on the ground and bring your from above your head down through your center while visualizing a clear light cleansing and dredging all the qi through your system and down through your feet. Do this a few times and perhaps journal any experience or insights from the exercise.

Enjoy your organs and your 5 elements!

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