“It is not enough to open our minds to new dimensions… behind and beyond all that there must be someway of brining it all to Earth. Of Grounding it.”- Alan Watts

The unique approach of Healcyon is that we focus not only on the endeavor of transformation of consciousness and all the mystical adventures that comes with it. The point is to “bring it back,” and to have it come through and expressed to others-to be shared in practical means. The definition of practical is broader here to include art as well-so don’t get the wrong picture.

Art and things that evoke the feeling of being alive are essential to life and very practical. A better word than practical may be the expression of the mystical in our day-to-day world. I have choosen embodiment and the human body vehicle as an expression for the mystic due to its immense practicality: nothing else is so constant and immanent to our lives than our body. It is the vehicle through which all other experiences are had, the container for our human experience.

Another layer of this which is important for anyone who works with others is the body as the most effective means of communication. The way you say something, your body language, and all the non-verbals make up more than 80% of communication (from Verbal Judo). Having your body express your truths accurately will prevent your message from being lost and allowing you to effectively communicate your message with others.

Moment to moment pleasant awareness is my vision to “be comfortable in my own skin,” so that I may be fully present and awake for the beauty of life as it unfolds. To “ground” all the various mystic dimensions that are experienced through the body; to “feel” what it is like to be a Jaguar on the hunt. To embody or channel the freedom of a Condor in flight.

Embodiment to make a part of a body or a system incorporate, integrate, absorb, assimilate, intermingle, merge to become with

The key words here are integration- that we become whole and not fragmented beings on the path. Touch and bodywork therapy are effective at this process because of the undeniable truth they offer: If I pull on your leg and you feel it all the way to your skull you know you are interconnected. This translates to all other planes and aspects of ourselves-such is how powerful touch is as a forms of communication and healing.

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